What’s your cause? Are you as committed as the cat?

What’s the cat video have to do with this blog? The cat was committed enough to jump.

Deep Commitment Creates Desperate Causes

There are many worthwhile causes in this world. Genocide, human trafficking, starving children to name a few. There are injustices around every corner. Further, there are opportunities to pursue something larger than ourselves that may be less extreme. We can serve the greater good by helping those less fortunate. We can tutor children, connect people to higher education, or throw birthday parties for kids. We may help better some situation for those around us or future generations. We can plant trees, clean our neighborhoods, or fight to improve laws. There are many worthwhile causes in this world.

What’s your cause?

A better question is to what cause are you committed. I would agree with all the aforementioned causes, but what am I doing about them. I agree that this environment is in danger, but how green am I really. I feel terrible to hear of children going without food, but how many have I fed. We tend to think the cause, when great or overwhelming, will move us to action. But I disagree. A step further would be to believe that if a cause connected to me personally or moved me emotionally then I would in fact work to help that cause. I still disagree. I believe that you choose to be committed to a cause, and from that commitment you are moved into action.

You see I emote for many causes and believe something should be done about injustices. However, I do not move into action for all of these. I commit myself to a cause. Commitment brings action. This commitment is what actually creates the cause within me. Before my commitment, the cause what not really a cause at all. It is merely a fact. It was merely some tragedy or wrongfulness in our world.  My commitment takes it from a state of being to a personal cause for action. The deeper my commitment, the more desperate my cause will be. So I have initial authority to choose.

I can choose this day how committed I will be. I choose how much I will care about certain indecencies or atrocities. I choose the type of human I will be. There are a great many things in this world that could use my help. What needs I am drawn to is individual. The choice of doing something about those needs is universal. That choice is commitment.

What’s your commitment?


What do you think?

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