5 types of friends everyone should have

friendsI read a great article in Relevant Magazine about the types of friends we should have. You can check out the entire article here: 5 Types of Friends Article.

I agreed with it, so I took an inventory of how I am doing. I consider my self friendly. I also think I am a good maker of friends. But this article helped me look inwardly, and i discovered I could be doing better.

1. Someone Who is Older—and Wiser—Than You

I would love to have a mentor. While there have been many people over the years who have poured into my life (for whom I am deeply grateful), I am without some to call mentor or spiritual father. This is probably my fault. So I am inspired to find one, and it reinforces my passion to mentor others.

2. Someone Who is Younger Than You

Ok, on this one I am passing. At least I think I am. Someone may correct me, but I work diligently to mentor young people. I hope that I do this well.

3. Someone Who Has a Different Home Culture Than You

This is where I am challenged. While I have many friends who have a different home culture than I do, I do not know their homes that well. I need to foster deeper friendships rather than acquaintances.

4. Someone Who Holds a Different Worldview

I absolutely love having friends who hold a different worldview. I do a fair job at this. Most of my friends hold the same religious, political, and social worldview as I do. I am challenged to have legitimate conversations without bias with those whose beliefs differ from my own.

5. Someone Just Next Door

I am blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. From my church home, to working at camps, to traveling at speaking engagements, I have amazing friends. My challenge here is to keep those friends growing.

How are you doing?


2 thoughts on “5 types of friends everyone should have

  1. One thing that I have learned in life, college especially, is that younger friends can frequently teach me just as much as I teach them (whether they know it or not). Learning new ways of thinking or new perspectives to view a situation can be learned by other people no matter the age. The day that I reach a point in my life that I feel like I can’t learn from someone younger will be the day that I pass on to heaven. We must always remind ourselves to be open minded and understanding with everyone, who knows when we could learn something life changing from someone unexpected.

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