Why? Because it is fun. The Randy Awards.

At Refuge Youth Ministry we have a tradition, The Randy Awards. On this Random Night, anything can happen, and usually does. We give out awards in the spirit of the Dundies.

We have random skits and dances. We have random songs and videos like this:

We have winners like: Most likely to grow old with a bunch of cats, Caveman award, Most likely to win a gold medal in the Olympics in baton twirling, Most likely to find their keys in a Cheetos bag, Most likely to find big foot, and Mostly likely to accidentally drown in their sink. Why do we do this? Why would we waste a valuable Wednesday night? Why would we use time that could be used doing something more productive?

It is pure fun. It was absolute, nonsensical fun. And it was glorious. Somewhere along the way we forget to play. We forget how to laugh for no reason. We are slaves to the clock and deadlines. We have lists, and goals (which I am all for) but forget to play. This night was Random. It had no specific purpose or agenda. It was fun, and it was completely worth it.    Thanks to all the fantastic people of Refuge for making this night wonderful, and random.

Have some random fun today.




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