Who are you mentoring?

While it may be presumptuous to declare that you are a mentor, we are all in need of a mentor. We all need people who will guide us, help us answer questions, keep us accountable, and challenge us. There are times we need encouragement. There are other times we need discipline. Often, we need someone who will just listen. A mentor does those things. Mostly, they just care. They care enough about who we are and what we are doing to invest in our lives. If, then, we are all in need of a mentor, who is mentoring. Who are you mentoring? I would never presume to be someone’s mentor, or claim that title on my own. However, there are a few people that have considered me their mentor, and have told me as much. For this I am humbled. I am also extremely proud. It is my most joyful moment to have invested into a young person enough to be considered a mentor. One such young person is Aaron Perry. Tonight at Refuge Youth Ministry, I get to celebrate this mentorship.

Aaron is an extraordinary young minister studying now at Christ for the Nations Institute. He will bring The Radiance team to our church this weekend for services. While I am definitely excited for the services and my current students, I also celebrate Aaron’s life and how he has grown. He was a high school student in Moore, OK with much passion and little discipline. He is now a great man of faith pursuing God with diligence. I am grateful to have been a small part of his maturity.

Investing in people will always give you a greater return than you expected. Who are you mentoring?



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