Without the chairs, where would they sit?

underappreciatedI want to officially say thank you to the Chair Crew of 2013.  Each year, after our Easter play, there is a ton of cleanup to be done. Specifically, we must move about 600 chairs into various rooms in the church.  This is by no means a glamorous job. It’s not even fun.  It’s also fairly thankless. Most people won’t even think about the chairs, or those who move them. However, it is true:

Without the chairs, where would they sit?

For all of you who feel your job isn’t important, it is. There are certain jobs that get all sorts of glory. People who hold a microphone, people who hold a title, and people who hold degrees. These are all incredibly valuable, and no doubt, they deserve credit. But without the sound man, the custodian, and the construction worker, these individuals would be hard pressed to use their talents. The forums and opportunities just would not exist. Your job matters. Even if people don’t consistently notice.

While practically no one will notice the chair in which they sit, let alone thank the person that put it there, everyone would notice if the job was not done. If you attended the play and there were no chairs, you would notice. If you visited the church this week, and all the chairs were missing from classrooms, you would notice.  Many tasks, and some jobs in whole, are like this. You are berated or disciplined if you mess up, and rarely thanked for your job well done.  So, today I say thank you.  I will sit in many “chairs” today and I appreciate all the work that someone did. Think about it.  Trash will be removed, carpets vacuumed, meals cooked, streets swept, and on and on.  For all of this, I am thankful.  Your job is really important.  You are really important.

The lesson today is two fold.

1. Notice the chairs

2. Tell someone thank you


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