Are you willing to hustle?

hustle while you waitOne week ago, my personal assistant, Ryan Eller, and I loaded up in his car at midnight and headed for Dallas. Why? We had a 5am meeting.  This meeting was with Jon Acuff and some friends who are a part of 5 Club. In his book, Quitter, Jon writes extensively about Hustling.  You can achieve your dreams, find your dream job, and reach your goals, if you are willing to hustle. I could not agree more with this concept.

Ever since I was a 5 feet tall basketball player I have believed in hustle.  By definition, to hustle is to obtain by energetic activity. In reality, hustle is deeper than this. Hustle is doing what it takes to get the job done.  Hustle is making the last call when you don’t feel like it.  Hustle is working your day job, coming home to play with your kids, then studying when they go to bed. Hustle is making time for your dream because time will not magically appear. Hustle is getting up at 5am when you don’t have to. Which brings us to Dallas.

Part of our hustle was driving to Dallas to meet like-minded people and learn more about social media. Jon makes a great appeal for 5am hustle. As he puts it, your boss is not giving you extra work at 5am.  Your kids don’t want to ride their bikes at 5am. Your spouse doesn’t want to talk, and friends don’t want to hang out at 5am. If they do, it’s time for new friends. It is the perfect time to hustle. If you are willing.

In my experience, I have found that most people are not willing. People say they want to do great things, but are not willing to pay too high a price.  Most of us are like the song lyric, “I want to change the world, instead I sleep.” Laziness is certainly a tempting partner, but do we really want to judge our lives by how many naps we took or ours of television we watched?  The difference in ordinary and extraordinary is certainly a little extra.  That extra is not rocket science.  Most of the time, the extra something that is needed for us to achieve our goals is obvious. But it requires hustle.

For what are you willing to hustle?



3 thoughts on “Are you willing to hustle?

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