2 lessons from the birthday party

birthday party crewYesterday, I shared the birthday party we threw for kids we didn’t know.  It was a wonderful day and I learned some valuable lessons. I took two chief observations from this experience.

First, young people are capable of much.  Much more than we give them credit or opportunity. These teenagers made the cakes, bought the gifts, decorated the gym, and played the games. It was an idea born in an adolescent mind, and made to pass by the hands of adolescents. You tend to get what you expect.  I think we expect the worst from our young people, and we often get it.  I expected the best and these young people went well beyond my expectations.

Second, the simplest acts of kindness can do much good. We often delay or good deeds for the sake of better timing, or further planning.  When the fact is those deeds can be unpolished and just as beautiful.  We do not have all the answers, but we have some.  Instead of focusing on figuring everything out, tackling the latest political agenda, or targeting the next downfall of society, perhaps we should provide the answers we know. We know hungry people need food, lonely people need company, and children need birthday parties. In giving these simple answers, we change lives. Real lives of people who need good memories of someone who cared enough to be there for them. This birthday party was simple. And it was beautiful.


What do you think?

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