Community Baby Shower, or the Night the Baby Showed Up

A couple of weeks ago, the incredible young people of Refuge held a community baby shower.  It is not a total answer to every need, but it is a start.  I hope those young ladies felt loved.  I think we made Jesus smile that day.  Here is how it happened:

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It was a typical Wednesday.  I am on stage making announcements about summer camp and youth rallies when, suddenly, a young lady walks in carrying a baby.  While this is not a huge surprise, I knew the baby was not hers.  Further, she started passing the baby around quite liberally to her friends.  On the outside, I maintained my cool and made no reference to the child.  Inside, I had all sorts of questions.  Where did the baby come from? Whose baby is he? Where are his clothes!?!? He wore a diaper only.  I finished making the announcements.  An intern walked up to me and profoundly said, “There is a baby in here.”  She continued to tell me that the baby’s mother was in youth service that night, but the baby was too sick to go to the nursery.  “Is that ok?” she asked.  I approached the child’s young mother and introduced myself.  I told her that I knew this was our first time to meet, and she had no reason to trust me.  I was the youth pastor, however, and I have 2 young girls of my own.  If you will let me, I can hold your baby so you can get to know some people in your small group.  She allowed me to hold him.  Standing in the foyer, holding that child, God spoke to me that we should do something to help these young mothers.  This shower was our first effort.

“We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love.” Mother Teresa


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