Herculean Road Trip

Mount RushmoreA few months ago I loaded into a rented mini-van with 3 of my closest friends to complete a Bucket List item. Ryan Eller, Aaron Moore, David Ott, and I took a road trip to the great western part of the U.S.  We traveled across 10 states covering well over 3,000 miles in less than 60 hours, thus the Herculean adjective! Along the way we checked off “Buckets” (items on your bucket list), had some great talks, andmade some wonderful memories.  Here are some trip highlights, Buckets, and surprises:

Highlights: Top 3 because the highlight reel is too long to list

1. The Grand Tetons

2. National Park Passport

3. Driving through Yellowstone

Grand Tetons, national park

Eller and Ott at The Grand Tetons


-take a road trip

– got 6 new states (Bucket: Visit all 50 states)

– swim in a waterfall


Yep, we swam there, and it was even cooler than it looks!

– see Mount Rushmore

-see Old Faithful erupt


– Idaho is beautiful, and highly underrated

– Old Faithful has no fence around it

– You can get really close to Bison in Yellowstone

bison, yellowstone

actual proximity to bison!

– Wyoming has a very small welcome sign

– Crazyhorse monument is huge!

– The Grand Tetons are simply amazing

– the National Parks Passport system is awesome!

– Salt Lake City is extremely clean[slideshow IMG_1442 IMG_1439 IMG_1429 IMG_1417 IMG_1413 IMG_1408 IMG_1398 IMG_1378 IMG_1374 IMG_1306 IMG_1436 IMG_1372 IMG_1367 IMG_1357 IMG_1348 IMG_1338 IMG_1333 IMG_1317 IMG_1315]


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