Weekend with my My Wife


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I am about to go to sleep and I am excited out of my gourd. Tomorrow Jennifer and I are taking an overnight trip. No girls, just us. And we need it. Not in a “our marriage is falling apart” kind of way, but in a “you are still my bet friend and I want to hang out” kind of way.
On that note, my wife is my best friend. I think this is a crucial element of a healthy marriage. More on that later.
The trip is only to OKC for some shopping, fun, and chill out time. But the time together will be so valuable. I have so many friends and hear of so many more whose marriages have been lost that its heartbreaking. Guarding your time as a couple is important. This trip, for us, will help.
It is hard to find time. But we must if we are going to make it as a couple.
We both promised each other about 10 years ago that we would make it as a couple.

So we will make the time. Thanks for going to OKC with me my love!


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