Cedarpoint is Getting a New Coaster!


In 2012, I checked off an item on my Bucket List by riding a roller coaster at Cedarpoint.  I even found a new favorite roller coaster.  Cedarpoint is one of the best amusement parks you could ever visit as a coaster enthusiast.  This summer, they will add another coaster, bringing their total to 16 coasters!!!  Here are 3 lessons I learned from Cedarpoint.

1. Lesson: Get a Fast Pass

We took a group of 35 to the park.  The few of us who spent the money on the fast pass rode 22 times (each coaster once plus extras).  Those that did not rode about 5 coasters.

Meaning: Early investments will pay off in the long run.  Spending the extra time, money, or effort into a worthwhile investment is rarely regretted.

2. Keep the Beach

Cedarpoint is located on Lake Erie and it is incredible.  You can literally get off a coaster, then immediately take a stroll on the beach.

Meaning: Use your resources.  Often, we are busy looking for the next big thing, when we are underutilizing valuable resources here and now.  Take an inventory of all the inputs in your life (some may even be negative) and build on them.  It is easy to get locked in on one line of thinking, “We are building an amusement park, and need to get rid of this beach.”  Use the beach to your advantage.

3. Build Gatekeeper

This park has some of the greatest coasters in the world and they are still building new ones.

Meaning: Always be improving.  Never rest on your laurels.

Oh, and my favorite is Maverick.  You have to ride it!


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