The days are long, but the years are short


I remind myself to slow down, life does not have to move so quickly.  It probably wasn’t supposed to.

I remind myself to rest, take a break, honor a Sabbath.

I remind myself that my babies will remember me playing with them long after that lunch appointment has forgotten that I was a few minutes late.

I remind myself they will only be this age today. Tomorrow they will be a day older.  Soon, all grown up.

I remind myself the work can wait, my children should not pay for my procrastination.

I remind myself that if could not get it done at work, it probably isn’t a priority.

I remind myself that wherever I am, to be all the way there.

I remind myself that I am not as important to the world as I imagine, but more important to my girls than I realize.

I remind myself that the blog can wait, I am probably the only reader.

These are the days that we will soon miss.  I have two beautiful little girls.  You just met them in the photo above.  Adelae Joy is 2 and a half, and Josalyn Rae is almost 4 months.  I am also a busy youth pastor, speaker, and jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none.  If you are a young parent, and busy ________ (whatever it is you do), it is easy to rush through each day from project-to-project or event-to-event; and start to miss our child’s childhood.  In my efforts to help others, do my job, or just survive life, I must remember my family is my priority.  What does it help me if I gain the whole world, but lose my girls in the process.

I must remind myself of this often, almost daily.

If it ever seems that I am forgetting these things, please remind me.


One thought on “The days are long, but the years are short

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