Refuge Youth Service


Last night we had some snowy weather and icy roads in Muskogee, OK.  I wanted to give all those who could not make it to service a quick recap of what you missed.

First: we talked about upcoming events that you do not want to miss

This Saturday @ 6pm – Community baby Shower setup and shopping teams

Monday – Youth Rally at M1a 7pm – Biscuits and Gravy to follow service!!

March 13 – Random Night and The Randy Awards

Second – we worshipped God through some songs

Third – I spoke very briefly on healing.

I believe God can heal us hear and now and does, Matthew 8:17.  There is scriptural evidence to believe God heals us instantly, which is seen many times throughout the gospels. There is also evidence to believe in progressive healing,  Mark 8:22-26.  This simply means God heals you a little at a time.  We experienced both last    night.  David Ott’s shoulder was healed instantly, and it was amazing.  I herniated a disk in my back on Tuesday and people prayed for me last night.  After praying I felt a little better.  We prayed more, and I felt great.  The pain in my back left and I had much more mobility!

Rusty Reid led the jr. highers in the rest of service and I took the high schoolers for some Q & A.  All in all it, was a great night!


What do you think?

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