Today is my Day

Sunday was a wonderful day .  It was wonderful as a pastor, as a follower of Christ, and as a person.  The older I get, the more I feel like a father in ministry.  These students (it’s difficult to call them “students,” though that is commonly accepted vernacular), are my kids.  Sunday, I had the honor of baptizing 10 of my kids.  The coolest part of the whole day for me was taking a picture with each student. After I would baptize one of my kids, we would step out of the tank and, soaking wt, take a picture.  We celebrated like a birthday, graduation, or big event! It was completely natural and fun.

Baptism is powerful.  More powerful, than I tend to recognize.  Mostly because it gets lost in, at best, a ritualistic moment that has been done before or, at worst, a distracting obligation during an organized service.  This day was different for us, and I am thankful. Here are a few reasons I feel it was a wonderful day, and baptism is a wonderful, often underestimated, part of my faith.

Baptism identifies me with Christ.  Both symbolically, and as a physical announcement.

Baptism unites Christians across generations.  Jesus was baptized.  So was the Ethiopian Eunuch.  So was I.

Baptism is tangible.  Most of our spiritual life in intangible.  It is faith, belief.  Baptism is like the engagement ring to the engagement.


What do you think?

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