See the Mountains


“The significance of a man is not in what he attains but in what he longs to attain.”

Kahlil Gibran

I am a goal setter. Others are not.  I believe everyone should have a Bucketlist, and furthermore set a significant number of goals in this life.  Some have directly argued with me on this fact saying that I am taking the enjoyment of the unpredictable moment away.  One young man told me his entire life was his Bucketlist. Interested, I said, “Great! What are some of the items on it?” To which he replied that he was just living his life and taking advantage of opportunities as they arose and therefore his life was his Bucketlist.  In his mind, my emphasis of goal setting focused too much on those achievements and deterred from the  journey of life.      

If life is about the journey rather than the destination, one may argue the need for goals at all.  We should enjoy the journey, and embrace spontaneity as a way to live. This approach validates the moment, the spontaneity, and the journey of life.  I agree with this journey mentality and believe setting legitimate goals only enhances the journey. 

If life is about the journey, not the destination, then goals are the roads.  While I enjoy a good road trip as much as anyone, it is nice to know where we are headed.  At least, what direction we are going.  So, accomplishing all your goals is not the paramount issue.  More important is setting your course in the direction you want to move.  Will my journey take me to the beaches or the mountains?  Which one do you want to see? If you want to see both, which will you see first? If you are the truest “life is about the journey” proponent and say, “It doesn’t matter which I see, let’s embrace the unpredictable.” Then which direction will you start walking? Without goals, I am afraid most of us just stand still.

I hope you do not stand still.

Beaches or mountains, I hope you choose to see them.  

Here are some of the mountains I would like to see.                 

Here’s to the journey.

2013 Goals

  1. Read 52 Books
  2. Host 400 campers at The 20 Leadership Camp 
  3. Blog 150 Times
  4. Connect with 52 people
  5. Achieve 12 BucketList items
  6. Recruit 30 people for Antarctica 2015
  7. Lead 20 Refuge Ministry Interns
  8. Read the Bible in Chronological Order
  9. Write a Book
  10. Run a Distance Run and 22 Minute 5k

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