2012 Goals Review


I know this is extremely tardy.  However, I want to become a more avid blogger.  I am also an extreme goal setter, and this blog must happen.

Further, I do not want to fall into the trap of not starting something because I am slightly behind schedule.  So here it goes:

Goal: Have a personal assistant

Completion rate: 100%

Comments: It has been said that you either have a personal assistant or you are one.  My assistant, Ryan Eller, is fantastic and I am so grateful for his hard work.  He and I can be seen above taking a coffee (me)/ tea (him) break on our Brazil training.

Goal: Zero Debt

Completion rate: 100%

Comments: This was a big load off our backs! Being huge Dave Ramsey fans, my wife and I have dedicated to this goal the last couple of years.  We were able to completely pay off our student loans, and all other debt save our mortgage.  Which we did not really consider debt.  It is, and we will pay it off.  But that is another goal for another year!

Goal: Read 52 Books

Completion rate: 72%

Comments: I read 37 books this year.  That is my current PR but off the mark.

Goal: Refuge Family Groups

Completion rate: 50%

Comments: This is really a 2 year goal.  We have implemented a small group (family group) and our leaders have done extremely well.  I am excited about the progress on this huge endeavor!


Goal: 2 Successful Missions Trips

Completion rate: 100%

Comments: We took 35 people to Pittsburgh and 10 people to Brazil = AMAZING!


Goal: Upgrade our Intern Program at Refuge – 5 new interns

Completion rate: 100%

Comments: This is still a work-in-progress, however we reached our goal and have 6 new interns in addition to our initial 6.  Plus, 1 intern was hired as a worship pastor.  I am probably most proud of this goal.


Goal: 20 Camp – 200 students

Completion Rate: 50%

Comments: We did not reach our numeric goal.  The team however is stronger than ever and 20 camp will host 2 camps (possibly 3) this year!


Goal: Personal Health

Completion Rate: 0%

Comments: I suppose a zero percent may be impossible since I am still alive, I did a terrible job maintaining my personal health this year.  Maintaining is all I did at best. I had several specific dietary and exercise goals of which I accomplished none. Ugly. Let’s move on.

Goal: Writing

Completion Rate: 1%

Comments: I could not stand to have 2 zero percent completions in a row, so I at least THOUGHT about writing.  Thus 1%.  Ugh, this is getting depressing.  Next goal please.

Goal: Achieve 12 Bucketlist Items

Completion Rate: 84%

Comments: This year I dominated my Bucketlist.  That 84%, if weighted, would be alot more.  I checked off some big ticket items.  Being a constant “Bucketeer,” I am noticing that each year my number of checks off the list grows.  Very encouraging. Here are my items checked:

Be Debt Free

Be on a game show

Visit Boston

Ride a rollercoaster at Cedarpoint

Brazil (part of visit all 7 continents and 50 countries by 50 years)

8 new states ( I actually visited 10 new states)

Quote Scripture at Christ the Redeemer

Start a Christmas family tradition

See Old Faithful in Yellowstone

Take a real road trip

Swim in a waterfall (added after the fact. 11 items. 92% complete. boom.)


All in all, 2012 may have been my best year yet!


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