4 days past due…proud of my wife


Our second baby girl, Josalyn Rae, was due Nov. 1.  She did not get the memo.  My amazing wife, Jenn (pictured above looking very cute), is handling it all better than anyone could imagine.  she makes for a great pregnant woman.  Through 2 pregnancies, she has not complained, had a bad attitude about anything, or even gained much weight!  So I thought I would take this time to show the world how remarkable she is.  She works nearly full time, is a full time mom and mom-to-be-again, and we are in very full time minsitry.  Add all that up and you get more full times than time allows!  Somehow she not only manages, but thrives, taking care of me and the girls in the process.  You, Jennifer Rae, are the most incredible woman I have ever known.  I have loved you since that magic moment, and love you more each day.  Thank you my love for being my love!


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