Dear Amanda, I am sorry

There have been several recent tragedies involving young people of late, the most notable of whom would be Amanda Todd.  She is pictured here about a year before she took her own life.  Her case has been well documented and sadly this was a desperate cry for help. As a youth pastor, I know this is not a recent trend or isolated incident.  No small amount of our children feel alone, hurt, and abandoned.  Last week I spoke to our students at Refuge in regards to The Amanda Tragedy  and gave them an opportunity to write a private letter at the end of our service about their situations.   Many chose to give me those letters.  As expected, the words were heartbreaking.  Tonight, at Refuge, I will address the situations again from what I believe is a biblical perspective.  In short, we live in a broken, fallen world in need of saving.  I believe I know that Savior.  As knowing that Savior, Jesus, I believe it is my duty to show His love to this world.  To young people.  To Amanda and others like her.

For all the Amandas that I, and others, have failed to speak to, I am sorry.  To all those who can hear me, you are loved, you are not alone.


What do you think?

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